Another crazy thing I’m doing! (aka: Camp NaNoWriMo)

If you’ve seen me around the internet just about anywhere (or even if you’ve been here for long) then you probably already know that I love NaNoWriMo.

I started participating in 2009, hit a 65k very rough first draft that November, and kind of hit the ground running from there. I’ve participated in every NaNoWriMo since then – and have prompted WriMos in my region to say that they would be concerned that I had been replaced by an imposter if I only made the 50k goal instead of nearing or over 100k for a NaNo-project these days.

I have also participated gleefully in every session of Camp NaNoWriMo – NaNoWriMo’s more laid back, younger cousin. It began in 2011, and runs twice every summer. It has gotten some upgrades this year, and was already pretty awesome.

Camp NaNo Winner 2013 Earlier this year – for the April session of Camp NaNo – I chose to be a rebel (actively encouraged, for Camp NaNo) and try to add ~50k to the utterly mad project that I wrote 107k for NaNoWriMo 2012. (This Is Madness! Literally. That is the title.)

Despite being swamped with many, many other projects – I do usually work on other things during NaNo, another reason I’m known to be particularly crazy among my local WriMos – I did manage to complete that goal.

Now I am preparing for the second session of Camp NaNo this year, starting up in July – and for the first time I am really, really choosing to be a rebel with it. One of the new features on Camp NaNo this year is the ability to customise your word-goal – no need to stick to the hard-and-fast 50k, much as I like that goal. Mine is set for 75k, though unofficially I will be shooting for more like 100k.

Camp NaNo Participant 2013 Rather than writing a novel – or even a total rewrite, which I did for my very first session of Camp NaNo in 2011 (I rewrote that 65k first draft of my first NaNoNovel – I cut two thirds of the story and wound up with a much tighter 95k draft and material for a prequel) – this session I am aiming to write a collection of short stories.

That ‘short’ may be relative – I have a few ‘verses that need a lot of work done which are written in ‘short story’ format, which are clamouring at me (and Lissa, who does an incredible amount of world-building, character deciphering, and hashing out of everything with me on several of these) to get some progress made. These stories have been up to roughly 25k for a single one.

I plan to work on original works as well – in fact, the restriction I have set for myself is that out of every four stories I write, one of them must be a wholly-original piece – but most of this Camp NaNo will probably produce fanfiction of varying types. (Those big ‘verses are technically fanfiction, although . . . only in the very, very vaguest of senses, really.)

No doubt there will be updates on this mad whirl of writing periodically through the month, but the home base of this madness can be found on my Camp NaNo profile (and, as usual, with updates on my progress via Twitter). I am currently trying madly to finish everything – or at least some of everything – that is in progress before Camp NaNo begins. So please don’t tell me how soon that is. Shhh. . . We’re in denial over here.

Joining me doing Camp NaNo this session are several of my fellow Ferrets: Michelle, Rebekah, and Jess. Are you joining in the fun?


2 thoughts on “Another crazy thing I’m doing! (aka: Camp NaNoWriMo)

  1. Laura Weymouth says:

    Yep! I had a go at Camp NaNo in April but abandoned it very early on for the sake of the A to Z Challenge which I was also doing at the time. I’m definitely looking forward to it this time around since it’s the only writing thing on my plate for the month and I’ve hit the middle of my current WIP, which is inevitably when my ambition peters out.

    • Ee, I can imagine juggling those two at once cannot have been easy.

      Well, I always have a lot of fun with it – I hope you do too! And I hear you, there always seems to be a point with my WIPs where it is just like I’m looking at it going ‘. . .why can’t you just be finished already?’

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