Fire Sight – (Story for a Flashfiction Challenge)

This story was written for a flashfiction challenge created by Chuck Wendig some time ago – back in May 2013. The challenge was ‘Must Contain Psychic Powers‘, which delighted me to no end, and I wound up immediately rolling my d20 and getting started on a story, which I wrote in one day.

Possibly partly because my randomly-drawn superpower was pyromancy. I took five minutes or so to calm down from my excited giggles (I do love fire, and fire divination was a new thing for me to write about) and then settled down to listen to the story this character wanted to tell me. This story is exactly 1,000 words, riding the wordcount limit.

Summary: Kennet has served his tribe ever since he was a child, using his gift for their benefit without compliant. What could make his conviction waver?

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