About the Writer

About Serena

Serena PerchesI am a mad writer of far too many worlds, with far too many ‘voices’ to listen to, and I would have it no other way even if I knew how to stop the spinning of ideas, characters, and worlds in my mind. The idea of a quiet mind is truly terrifying to me.

I find that fiction can show an even truer story than reality – the way that it can elicit emotion and provoke thought is something I appreciate in reading and strive for in my own work. That it can do these things while also taking me away from thoughts or concerns and into another world amazes and thrills me.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, my favourite genre both to read and write is fantasy, though I hardly confine myself to the one.

Along with my playfully being called a Font of Random Information, during NaNoWriMo (I adore National Novel Writing Month, which I have participated in gleefully every year since 2009) in 2010 I was given – by popular consensus in my local region – the figurative crown of Queen of Creative Deaths.

I also readily admit to my abiding love for figuring things out and investigating new curiosities – and my problem with resisting my own curiosity! It leads me many interesting places, and I have accepted the fact that it is difficult for me to resist following an inquisitive thought. Indeed, I collect interesting facts and love to share them.

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