Reviving the Font

Hey! So, looking around the Font – it’s totally been around a month or something since I was last. . .


So . . . would you buy that I had a minor mishap with my baby TARDIS malfunctioning and it has absolutely been only a month for me? (My car is a baby TARDIS; I kept being told this and decided to roll with it. It would explain why I seem to show up for everything either twenty minutes early or five minutes late, however much time I allow for travel.)

No, didn’t think so. (Bridget isn’t that mature yet to draw me that much out of time and drop me back again.)

In the time I was away there was a rather stunning derailment of many projects I was working on in the sudden and catastrophic death of my beloved laptop, Carmellon. Fortunately while he was beyond medical assistance (and he was in the ICU for some time) the files on my hard drive were still accessible by techs, who managed to retrieve them for my new ‘boyfriend’. (This title for my laptop has stuck very hard since my mother and sister first joked about it.)

For the little over a week this process took, however, I was working from backups (backing up is incredibly important, I cannot stress enough, oh my).

However, it was a mourning period (and a series of panic attacks, beginning at half past two in the morning, at which time I was so distraught that a friend actually came to sit with me for a little while) which I weathered and continued to work through. Even though it happened right before NaNoWriMo. Is there a worse time to be without your laptop, for those of us who do not handwrite, I ask you? Good grief.

That – and other incidents – aside, I didn’t, in fact, mean to abandon the Font for so long, but while I was gone I did some thinking about what you’ll see here and what I enjoy writing (and reading).

Much as I enjoy WriteMotivation – most likely you won’t be seeing those posts here any more. If they do return, it will not be for a while. NaNoWriMo is always going to be a thing for me (and there will be NaNo and Camp NaNo updates here no doubt) but I won’t focus on it so heavily on the Font.

What I enjoy most are stories, talking about writing, sharing the randomest corners of research that I’ve wandered into (hey, I love it when other people find my habit of collecting information interesting or helpful too, bonus!), reviews, recipes, letters and post, crafting, the occasional ‘special’ project, and . . . well, generally talking about things that I enjoy and like to talk about in person as well. (I’m a simple sort of complex creature.)

So if any of that sounds interesting or entertaining to you – or if you just find me and my rambles entertaining (yes, they will be staying, always) – please stick around as I begin to evolve this blog into something closer to what I honestly originally intended.

I’ll be around here with something new at least once a month, though I have no particular set schedule.

(My first new post will be a recipe, and it is coming later this week! Hope to see you there!)


Hallo and welcome to the Font of Randomness!

A couple of years ago – during National Novel Writing Month 2011 – I somehow acquired the nickname ‘Font of Random Information’ – okay, almost certainly due to my habit of either already having or swiftly locating the answer to/relevant research for just about any question my fellow novellers had.

This made me laugh, and then, actually, made me rather proud of myself – I’ve always enjoyed collecting information on anything that interests me, and I am only too happy to pass it on to other people who find it interesting or useful.

(Writers, in my experience, seem to be the people who appreciate this personality quirk the most, for some reason. . . I simply cannot think why.)

In any case, that pair of interests was a driving force behind deciding to start this blog, and also, obviously, the inspiration for the title.

As you can probably guess, all bets are off as to what will eventually come to live here – from stories and writing to research resources, recipes and reviews to talk about music, animals, and fantasy physics.

My goal is to entertain as well as be a useful – and hopefully easy-to-understand – resource.

I hope you enjoy your visit!