Kielbasa Stew

This recipe is actually one that my mother was very fond of – she discovered it when I was a kid, and made it fairly often, in the process making it her own. My version here has been tweaked a bit further even from hers, which was fairly drastically altered from the original (the origins of which I have no idea).

sausage stew, ready to eat

Kielbasa Stew, all ready to eat!

This is a nice thick stew that sort of blurs the sometimes-difficult-to-determine line between soup and stew, and it makes somewhere around eight rather hearty servings. (So if you, like me, are often feeding only yourself, you might want to freeze some of it for later. Unless you like it enough to eat it frequently for the next week – no judging from me; I do that with a couple of my favourite dinner recipes.) It does freeze and reheat well, fortunately, if you want to take that route.

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