Book Review – Enchantment, by Charlotte Abel

Normally, even if I did not particularly care for a book, I try to give it a fair and balanced review, explaining good points as well as why I personally did not like it.

Sometimes, there is a book for which, in my opinion, this simply cannot be done. In this case, I usually flail and sputter and there is much exclaiming of ‘what the fuck?’ and often the desire to hit someone, usually the main character, as I read.

This was just such a book for me. So, welcome to my dissection of Enchantment, by Charlotte Abel (Book One of the series ‘Channie’) by way of WTF-ery. Here there be major spoilers, and they will be unmarked. Also here there be some bad language. It was unavoidable, I promise you.

This ranty review of WTF-ery is also very long. I apologise. This was also unavoidable. This is how long it was after I made myself leave out at least a third of the things I wanted to rant about.

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