Explaining Drabbles! – Part Two, Further Exploration

So, now you know what a drabble is (from part one of this set, perhaps?) but perhaps you’re still curious – or perhaps you want to know how someone else writes them before trying your own?

Well, in this post I’ll talk about my history with drabbles a bit, and then where my ideas come from and how I manage them specific to this format.


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Explaining Drabbles! – Part One, Basics


These are an elusive and oft-misunderstood form of fiction – or so it seems to me, in my travels throughout the internet – but can be very fun for both reader and writer.

I write this post in part because of the lack of understanding or awareness of this form of short fiction, in hopes that someone might find their way to it and enjoy it as much as I do. (Also because it seems I am asked about them quite frequently.)

I suppose I have unintentionally become somewhat of an expert on the topic of drabbles – perhaps appropriately, as I came to write in this format for the first time by accident.

My qualification for being an expert? To date I have written, between several fandoms and my original works, somewhere around 1,300 drabbles.

. . .yeah. This medium suits me, evidently – a surprising discovery for someone as verbose as I can most certainly be.

So, first of all. . .


What is a drabble, anyway?

A true drabble is precisely 100 words that form a complete story.  Continue reading