Teissennau Mêl (Welsh Honey Cakes) for St David’s Day

Teissennau Mêl are Welsh honeycakes. (In fact, that’s just what ‘tiessennau mêl’ means in Welsh.) My family doesn’t have many traditions (from the Welsh side or from any others, honestly) but one of mine is to make these every year on St David’s Day – which is today!

A perfectly-sized-for-snacking treat!

A perfectly-sized-for-snacking treat!

This is an old recipe that I have tweaked a bit myself. (Is anyone surprised?) As one might expect for honeycakes, the batter can be quite gooey and sticky! It’s definitely worth the trouble, though, and it is not nearly so challenging to work with as I anticipated the first time I made them.

The cakes themselves are not too sweet, but thick with the flavour of the honey (so make sure you use a honey with notes you enjoy) and a little too delightfully easy to nibble on. I always wind up snagging one (or three) from the platter every time I walk through the kitchen!

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Apple Spice Scones

Even if you don’t generally like scones, you may like these – or so I am informed by several people who tried them with varying levels of wariness.

The recipe is pretty thoroughly of my own creation, though its inspiration did once upon a time come from one I found online. I stumbled across it and decided to make these ‘apple scones’ and take them along to a movie night with friends. Only I wound up twisting and altering the recipe far more than I usually do the first time I make something. Baker’s intuition . . . and I was playing, honestly. I do love to bake!

One friend at that movie night was dubious, and the other actively knew she had never liked scones. Both bravely tried these anyway. Two scones made it home with me for breakfast the next morning. The one who did not like scones is one main reason why this recipe stuck around my kitchen and was further played with and finessed into its current form – and if I go too long without baking them, occasionally I get puppy eyes.

These scones are moist and sweet (but not too sweet) and spicy, but not overpoweringly so (unless you decide to double or triple the spices, which the recipe can stand up to just fine). You may like them with butter, but I never serve them with it, they are moist and flavourful enough on their own.

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