Making Vegetable Stock

Last night I tried a new experiment – a super basic one, but something I’ve never done before. I’ve been collecting the ‘ends’ of vegetables when I cook (when I remember) since the end of July, when I came across instructions for it, planning to do this.

I don’t really use vegetable stock for much (usually I use chicken or beef broth in soups) but there is one particular recipe I do, and I have always bought stock for it, of course. This seemed like it might be a delicious alternative and – hey, I’m throwing away those ends anyway now, I may as well at least try it and see how it works out!

Freshly-strained and still-steaming vegetable stock.

Freshly-strained and still-steaming vegetable stock.

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Making Rosewater! (Experiment Mystery Revealed)

Home-distilled rosewater.

Home-distilled rosewater.

A few days ago I attempted a whole new kind of kitchen experiment (I even showed a picture of the equipment I was preparing to use here). Now I’m back to report how it went and share instructions!




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Kitchen Experiment – Mystery?

Today I am going to attempt (after a bit more prep-work) an experiment I have been wanting to try for years, and have never had the appropriate, er, single ingredient. It may go horribly awry. I hope it will go wonderfully.

This is the equipment I require for the experiment:

Very large pot; rounded glass lid (with no vent), brick, large-ish glass bowl, ice.

Very large pot; rounded glass lid (with no vent), brick, large-ish glass bowl, ice.

(The equipment is assembled in my living room floor at the moment, for space and perspective reasons.)

The only thing other than the single ingredient that is key to this (and has kept me from trying this experiment for years) that is not shown in this picture is water. (And whatever container I will use to store the finished product.) It is a finished product for which I have a list of recipes and further experiments I wish to try, not really one I will use alone.

Any idea what I’m doing? (Really, I only have a vague plan myself – it’ll be fun!)

If this goes well, sometime in the next week I will return with photographs and a report and instructions on how to do what I am about to spend my morning attempting. If it goes poorly . . . well, probably I’ll return with a few photographs and a slightly downcast report of what I was attempting.


Update: What I was attempting was to distill rosewater, and it worked wonderfully! Check out my report (and instructions)!