Museum Heist – (Story for a Flashfiction Challenge)

Once again sharing a flashfiction story written for a challenge some time back – this one was the first I wrote for one of Chuck Wendig‘s weekly flashfiction challenges, back in March of 2013. (The challenge was Super-Ultra-Mega Game Of Aspects.)

There was a limit of 2,000 words, which I met precisely, and five challenge parametres to be selected from at random, which are noted below the story.

Summary: What happens when a werewolf and a vampire break into a museum to steal a priceless artefact?

WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content and somewhat graphic, if brief, violence.

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Long-Awaited – (Story for a Flashfiction Challenge)

I delighted in playing with Chuck Wendig’s weekly flashfiction challenge over at TerribleMinds once again this week! The current challenge is ‘Another Roll of the Dice‘. The two subgenres I have smashed together are Haunted House, and Erotica. I did not use a d20 to choose them – a friend I was discussing the challenge with laughingly suggested she would challenge me to make something of that particular pair, and five minutes later it turned into a real challenge. It was rather fun, actually.

The two ‘must feature’ items for the challenge were chosen by rolling a d10, and are noted below the story. Once more, I rode the line of the wordcount limit, and my flashfiction is precisely 1,000 words.

Summary: After over a decade, Jesse has finally found his lover again.

WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content.

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Fog and Fear – A Vampire Tale (Story Post)

This short story actually finds its home in a much larger world of mine. Much of this particular world is in short story format – but this particular one is special.

Because this particular story was entered into a contest held by Rebekah Loper in 2011 for All Hallows Eve – and it won first place!

The criteria were for a piece of vampire fiction between 1,000 and 5,000 words, rated PG-13 or under – no erotica, no sparkling. (One of these two criteria was much more difficult for me than the other. . .)

My story is precisely 2,500 words long. There are (very) occasional uses of non-English words. Mouse over anything you don’t recognise for a translation. There is also a list at the end.
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