Introduction to the Music Shuffle Challenge

Photo credit epicfireworks; permissions: CC BY 2.0.

March has been incredibly busy for me – partly because of a writing project I undertake every March (which I’m going to talk about here) and largely because of much more boring and horrible nonsense (which I shan’t mention again).

March is Music Shuffle Month for me – a challenge I established for myself in 2010.

Music Shuffles are one of my favourite writing challenges in and of themselves, actually! They’re great for people like me who enjoy writing to prompts, but also like being able to go off and follow however the idea branched with no idea how it related to a prompt. Of course, I also love music (and having a large music collection makes this challenge even more fun and/or unpredictable).

I don’t, however, run the challenge the way I originally found it. I tried that once and decided some of the rules needed to be shifted a little to make it more workable for me. So here are the rules as I use them!

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Museum Heist – (Story for a Flashfiction Challenge)

Once again sharing a flashfiction story written for a challenge some time back – this one was the first I wrote for one of Chuck Wendig‘s weekly flashfiction challenges, back in March of 2013. (The challenge was Super-Ultra-Mega Game Of Aspects.)

There was a limit of 2,000 words, which I met precisely, and five challenge parametres to be selected from at random, which are noted below the story.

Summary: What happens when a werewolf and a vampire break into a museum to steal a priceless artefact?

WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content and somewhat graphic, if brief, violence.

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New Door – (Story for a Flashfiction Challenge)

I had plans for writing something new and specific here these past couple of weeks, but . . . then I spent some time hardcore preparing for a joint garage sale with some friends, then working the garage sale, and that didn’t happen. Yet.

Instead, have another story written for a flashfiction challenge (again, one of Chuck Wendig‘s), this one completed in early April of 2013. The challenge was The Secret Door (using this fun little door).

Summary: Caden discovers a new door in his master’s house.

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Fire Sight – (Story for a Flashfiction Challenge)

This story was written for a flashfiction challenge created by Chuck Wendig some time ago – back in May 2013. The challenge was ‘Must Contain Psychic Powers‘, which delighted me to no end, and I wound up immediately rolling my d20 and getting started on a story, which I wrote in one day.

Possibly partly because my randomly-drawn superpower was pyromancy. I took five minutes or so to calm down from my excited giggles (I do love fire, and fire divination was a new thing for me to write about) and then settled down to listen to the story this character wanted to tell me. This story is exactly 1,000 words, riding the wordcount limit.

Summary: Kennet has served his tribe ever since he was a child, using his gift for their benefit without compliant. What could make his conviction waver?

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Escape – (Story for a Flashfiction Challenge)

Every week Chuck Wendig does a flashfiction challenge over at TerribleMinds, which I often try to write for – I love challenges. This week’s was called ‘Last Lines First‘. I narrowed my lines to choose from down to two – then I talked to Michelle, who said ‘wouldn’t it be fun if…’ so this story uses both the ‘last lines’ that I had narrowed down to choose from – one to start the story, as is the point of the challenge, and the other actually as a last line.

Once more, I precisely hit the 1,000 word limit with my flashfiction.

Summary: Anna has been kidnapped from her world and her calm, quiet, normal life by a book and now all she wants is to go home – is there a way?

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Long-Awaited – (Story for a Flashfiction Challenge)

I delighted in playing with Chuck Wendig’s weekly flashfiction challenge over at TerribleMinds once again this week! The current challenge is ‘Another Roll of the Dice‘. The two subgenres I have smashed together are Haunted House, and Erotica. I did not use a d20 to choose them – a friend I was discussing the challenge with laughingly suggested she would challenge me to make something of that particular pair, and five minutes later it turned into a real challenge. It was rather fun, actually.

The two ‘must feature’ items for the challenge were chosen by rolling a d10, and are noted below the story. Once more, I rode the line of the wordcount limit, and my flashfiction is precisely 1,000 words.

Summary: After over a decade, Jesse has finally found his lover again.

WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content.

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Under the Strawberry Moon – (Story for a Flashfiction Challenge)

Every week Chuck Wendig does a flashfiction challenge over at TerribleMinds, which I love (in fact, when there was a WordPress mishap and it didn’t show up until two days late this week I was very sad, and kept poking the blog waiting). This week’s challenge was called ‘Choose Your Random Words‘, which I did with the aid of my d10 (I keep a small set of D&D dice on my worktable, of course – who doesn’t?) and wound up with the words: Tongue, Wolf, and Legend.

The challenge was to use these words not just in the story but as part of plot, character, or theme. More complicated, also more fun, at least in my book. I rode the line of the wordcount limit, and Under the Strawberry Moon is precisely 1,000 words.

Summary: The sorceress needs a wolf’s tongue for her spell under the strawberry moon. Can Braxas’ packmates save him in time?

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